IT Resilience for
the Hybrid Cloud

Because it’s time to future-proof your business.

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One Powerful IT Resilience Suite Across All Infrastructure

CloudEndure offers a comprehensive suite of multi-tier IT resilience solutions to meet your ever-changing disaster recovery, backup, and migration needs.

By providing equally efficient replication, restore, and recovery for any application across all infrastructure, CloudEndure ensures your hybrid IT landscape will remain protected as it continues to grow.

IT Resilience for the Hybrid Cloud. Really.

Any Source
Any Application
Any Target

Key Technology Features

Continuous Block-Level

Unlike snapshot-based solutions, CloudEndure provides real-time, block-level replication, which ensures sub-second Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) for all applications and databases. Operating in the background, CloudEndure doesn't impact performance or require reboot.

Cross-Infrastructure Machine Conversion

CloudEndure’s machine conversion technology natively boots any Windows or Linux machine from any source to any target in minutes by automatically handling all hypervisor and OS configuration changes, boot process changes, OS activation, and installation of cloud tools.

Minimal Footprint Staging Area

Whereas traditional disaster recovery solutions require duplicate compute and storage in your target site, CloudEndure leverages the cloud to keep your data in sync using lightweight compute and storage. This way you only pay for fully provisioned workloads in an actual disaster, reducing TCO by an average of 80%.

Automated Orchestration

CloudEndure’s orchestration engine automatically launches completely functional workloads in your target infrastructure, enabling Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) of minutes. This process includes cloning disks from “staging area” to target networks and provisioning additional resources such as VMs, network interfaces, and firewalls.
Karl Rautenstrauch, Azure Global Blackbelt, Infrastructure
Microsoft Azure
"CloudEndure provides the only solution in the industry today that can replicate virtual machines from any platform to any platform."
Barry Russell, General Manager, AWS Marketplace and Service Catalog
Amazon Web Services
"CloudEndure is a leading solution for automated cloud migration, which AWS customers depend on to ensure data integrity and uninterrupted business during migrations."
Brian Stark, Product Manager
Google Cloud Platform
"In an effort to facilitate our customers’ journeys, we’re collaborating with CloudEndure … to offer a no cost, self-service migration tool for Google Cloud Platform customers."
Michael Brandi, VP of the Technology Solutions Division
“Orchestration of the cloud replica — the provisioning and creation of virtual machines — is the real game changer from CloudEndure. No one in the market has a product that’s even close."
Rob Gilliland, CTO
"The majority of our disaster recovery is sitting in the cloud with CloudEndure. This downsizing has already resulted in about 50% cost savings."

Get the optimal level of IT resilience for all your workloads across all infrastructure.

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