What We Do

CloudEndure® offers reliable business continuity solutions that minimize data loss and downtime due to human errors, network failures, external threats, or any other disruptions. Our Disaster Recovery and Migration solutions are powered by innovative workload mobility technology, which continuously replicates applications from any physical, virtual, or cloud-based infrastructure into Amazon Web Services (AWS). As such, CloudEndure is uniquely qualified to support large-scale, heterogeneous environments with diverse applications and infrastructure.

Customers rely on CloudEndure to ensure business as usual, always. Our technology delivers on this promise with continuous block-level replication, machine conversion, and automated orchestration, at the touch of a button, and with the latest data.

How We Got Here

Established in 2012, CloudEndure was the brain-child of a team of successful serial entrepreneurs: Ofer Gadish, Ofir Ehrlich, Gil Shai, and Leonid Feinberg. This dynamic team combines proven technical and business skills in building customer-centric solutions for Israeli and international IT companies, including both startups and established corporations.

As an AWS Advanced Technology Partner since 2016, CloudEndure has long joined forces with AWS to help customers future-proof their businesses. In January 2019, AWS acquired CloudEndure, expanding our ability to deliver innovative and flexible migration and disaster recovery solutions that are suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries.

Shout-Outs to CloudEndure

Remain unstoppable with us

The CloudEndure team recognizes that the success of any cloud-based application depends largely on their site’s availability, and have once again pooled their combined skills and insights to create a simple, affordable, business continuity solution that is tailor-made for cloud-based web applications.