2016 Cloud Migration Survey Results Are In

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CloudEndure’s 2016 Cloud Migration Survey Reveals 52% of Large Enterprise Companies Plan to Migrate to Public Clouds over Next 2 Years.

Cloud migration is the route best traveled for high availability, reliability and cost savings. That’s the view of 258 IT professionals who, in March 2016, participated in CloudEndure’s comprehensive survey on migration to the cloud.

The 2016 Cloud Migration Survey provides a look at the best practices and toughest challenges of and clearest aspirations for migrating servers to the cloud – as offered by directors, CIOs and managers of large, small and mid-sized companies around the world. The respondents have already migrated or are planning to migrate their organizations’ servers to the cloud and have a direct understanding of the benefits, costs and realities of production workloads, computing resources, migration and downtime.

Their responses are telling. Consider that nearly half of them (45%) said the execution phase of migration lasted, on average, six months, with 23% saying planning took just under three months.

Also, no matter how much time or resources the organizations have devoted or will devote to migration, one thing’s for certain: Just about all of them want downtime to last as quickly as possible. Almost half of the respondents (44%) said they cannot afford any downtime whatsoever during migration.

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The highlights of the 2016 Cloud Migration Survey include:

  • Public clouds in enterprise companies will grow by 52% YOY @CloudEndure
  • VMs and physical machines are expected to shrink by 25% and 31% respectively year-over-year
  • 44% of IT pros cannot afford any downtime during cloud migration
  • 55% estimate the cost to migrate a server is $100-$500, 17% estimate it at more than $500

If you’re planning to migrate your organization’s servers to the cloud – or if you already have and are wondering how the guy next door or around the world also fared – check out the annual CloudEndure Cloud Migration Survey. You’ll find the responses overwhelmingly point to the sensibility and prudence of moving vital data and applications to the cloud.

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