Best Practices of Disaster Recovery Survey Reveals Change in Challenges

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This benchmark survey reviews the disaster recovery challenges and best practices of companies using or looking to implement disaster recovery.

In January 2016, we again put our ears to the ground and had 141 professionals — directors, CIOs and managers of large, small and mid-sized companies — complete our comprehensive disaster recovery survey.

The results of the survey – Disaster Recovery Challenges and Best Practices – reveal some important truths about disaster recovery, backup, availability goals, downtime costs and responses. For instance, did you know the top risk to system availability continues to be human error?

The risks and challenges addressed in our survey say a lot about what these professionals are worrying about. A shift in responses this year suggests some areas of disaster recovery have improved, but there is still progress to be made.

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The 2016 Disaster Recovery Survey highlights include:

Published this month, the annual CloudEndure Disaster Recovery survey is an excellent indicator of how professionals are planning and using disaster recovery. This year’s results show a shift in challenges, but support the confidence in the rapid adoption of disaster recovery.

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