AWS Guide: Get the 55 Best Tips for 2017

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Get the AWS Guide With the 55 Most Useful Tips Before You Head into 2017!

Curious how you can save up to 70% on your EC2 infrastructure? Wondering what are the best ways to combine complementary tools, such as Lambda, CloudFront, and Glacier? Get the answers to all your AWS questions and more in the brand-new 2017 Insider’s Guide: 55 Top AWS Tips.

Our panel of AWS experts voted on the best-of-the-best tips out of hundreds of submissions we received from experienced cloud professionals as part of our annual AWS Insiders Tips Competition. In many cases, the contributors learned these insider tricks for saving time and easing development the hard way: whether through trial and error, or late nights at the office fixing bugs.

Their insights touch on every aspect of AWS, from auto scaling and billing alerts to managing instances more efficiently and minimizing the blast radius of a critical event. We organized the tips by category to make it easier for AWS users to find what they need, whether that’s app development, automation and scaling, cost optimization, migration, monitoring, operations, or security.

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For a sneak peek at what’s waiting for you in the Insider’s Guide, here are a few of our personal favorites:

Tip: “Before trying to secure the world, test your environment with an open security group so you know it’s working. Once you confirm connectivity, lock it down to specific ingress/egress ports. Many people spend too much time chasing issues that are actually just security group lockdowns too tight to start.”
Contributed by: Frank Scalzo, Director of Engineering and Support at Avalere Health LLC

Tip: “Decide when and what to cache. Determine your own autoscale policy. Understand the difference between cooldown and time interval. Account for boot/up processes related on EC2. Use “ignore health check” if needed. Set up multiple autoscale policies with different criteria. Balance frequency and the number of health checks of ELB. Use custom check scripts.”
Contributed by: Raphael Francis Quisumbing, Chief Technology Officer at Upteam Corporation

Tip: “When using the CLI interactively within your terminal, command completion is a killer feature you should not miss. When enabled, command completion allows you to use the Tab key to complete commands. This will significantly speed up your CLI usage.”
Contributed by: Gloria Perez, Senior Director of Strategic Solutions for IT at IP International

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