7 Must-See Presentations for Developing Your AWS Disaster Recovery Plan

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Learn how to leverage Amazon Web Services for disaster recovery with these value-packed presentations and slide decks.

This is Part Two in a series that collects the best slide decks and presentations for implementing disaster recovery on the leading public cloud platforms. In Part One, we focused on Azure disaster recovery presentations. Here, we’ll dive into the 7 best AWS disaster recovery presentations available online right now.

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There’s more information than ever available at your fingertips, but sorting through it all can be a challenge — and you have your hands full keeping up with ongoing changes to cloud technology.

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But if you’re ready to upgrade your disaster recovery plan by leveraging AWS, read on for 7 must-see presentations on how best to do this.

1. Journey Through the Cloud: Disaster Recovery
Presented by Ian Massingham, Chief Evangelist – Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) at AWS

Many of these presentations aim to push AWS users to migrate their disaster recovery functions to the cloud. In this talk, Massingham takes a different approach by explaining why you should use disaster recovery as an introduction to AWS before moving production application deployments to the cloud. He includes information about specific AWS services that are relevant for DR use cases, describes four common DR architectures, and presents customer case studies.

The slide deck is great, but if you want to see the whole presentation, you can watch the video here.

Ian Massingham is one of the most active AWS experts on Twitter. If you want to keep up with the latest AWS news, follow Massingham @IanMmmm.

2. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity for Systemically Important Financial Institutions
Presented by Felix Candelario and Benjamin Feldon, Solutions Architects at AWS

The financial services industry is often criticized for its slow reactions to new technology, but automation and cloud computing are increasingly essential for the world’s largest firms. Moving to the cloud does introduce new challenges to maintain high availability and compliance. Candelario and Feldon use this session to explain how you can leverage AWS for automated, audible, and elastic disaster recovery in even the most regulated industries.

If you want to learn more from Candelario and Feldon, check out their guest posts on the AWS blog.

3. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
Presented by Felix Candelario, Solutions Architect at AWS

Another offering from Felix Candelario at AWS, this presentation focuses less on the financial services industry and more on the basics of Amazon Web Services. After explaining how Availability Zones and Regions compare to traditional data centers, Candelario goes into how companies can architect disaster recovery environments in the cloud. If you’re still undecided about shifting from traditional DR to cloud-based DR, this presentation can help you understand the technical differences.

4. Disaster Recovery, Continuity of Operations, Backup, and Archive on AWS
Presented by Joe Spiezio and Haider Witwit, Solutions Architects at AWS

Large enterprises haven’t exactly had the greatest relationship with traditional disaster recovery solutions. This is why interest in cloud-based DR is surging. This presentation explains the pitfalls of traditional disaster recovery and compares it to an AWS-based strategy. If you want to know more about why you should migrate your disaster recovery functions to the cloud, this is the presentation for you.

5. Disaster Recovery in the Cloud
Presented by Rob Cornish, NYSE at Intercontinental Exchange

When regulated exchanges start to migrate their disaster recovery strategies to the cloud, you know it’s reliable. As the former CIO of International Securities Exchange (ISE), the first regulated exchange to operate a cloud-based disaster recovery infrastructure, Rob Cornish explains why (and how) they made the switch as well as the short-term and long-term benefits of using AWS for your disaster recovery plan.

6. Deploying a Disaster Recovery Site on AWS
Presented by Brad Dispensa, Senior Solutions Architect at AWS

Many presentations about AWS disaster recovery serve to educate viewers about the benefits of evolving from traditional DR strategies. In this presentation, Brad Dispensa goes a step further and gets into the technical details about deploying disaster recovery on AWS. If you’ve already decided that cloud-based disaster recovery is right for you, this video can help you understand how to create a DR site on AWS with minimal cost and maximum efficiency.

7. Disaster Recovery Using Amazon Web Services
Presented by Jeff Barr, Chief Evangelist at AWS, and Stelio D’Alo, Cloud Platform Executive at Alert Logic

Although this presentation is from 2012, its overview of architectural practices for cloud-based disaster recovery using AWS has lasting value. The webinar slide deck walks you through the process of deciding if cloud DR is right for you, how to implement the DR architectures you’re familiar with in the cloud, specific AWS services that can help, and how to get started.

As the Chief Evangelist at AWS, Jeff Barr is very active on social media. If you want to stay up to date with the latest AWS innovations for disaster recovery and beyond, follow Jeff Barr on Twitter.

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