CloudEndure Featured in Wide Array of Sessions at re:Invent 2017

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Not only did thousands of people visit our booth to learn about CloudEndure’s Disaster Recovery and Live Migration solutions, but our technology was featured in some of this year’s best sessions.

Anyone who has ever been to AWS re:Invent knows that there’s nothing quite like it. Amid the excited crowds vying for our remote control helicopters, we managed to have many engaging conversations about the benefits of AWS disaster recovery, the challenges of cloud migration, and much more.

In addition to drawing the crowds at our booth, CloudEndure stood out this year by being featured in a wide array of re:Invent sessions on disaster recovery and migration. We were so impressed with these sessions, which provided lots of hands-on instruction and advice for disaster recovery and migration projects, that we thought we’d share some of them here on our blog.

1. Disaster Recovery with AWS: Tiered Approaches to Balance Cost with Recovery Objectives

Presenter: Brad Dispensa, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS

Summary: Learn how to take advantage of AWS for disaster recovery. In this session, we examine how traditional disaster recovery concepts can be adapted to the cloud. We also explore ways to cost-effectively reinvent disaster recovery, so it can extend to applications and workloads that have never had it before. This session walks you through tiered technology approaches to apply as part of a disaster recovery strategy that aligns costs to intended business outcomes.

CloudEndure Connection: In his presentation, Brad spoke about how Malibu Boats recovered from an IT disaster in minutes using CloudEndure Disaster Recovery.

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2. Accelerating Your Portfolio Migration to AWS Using AWS Migration Hub

Presenters: Carmen Puccio, Partner Solutions Architect, AWS and Diego Dalmolin, Solutions Architect, AWS

Summary: AWS and AWS Partners offer a variety of tools and services to help customers accelerate the migration of their existing portfolios to AWS. In this session, learn how to leverage AWS Migration Hub to understand your IT portfolio, and view and track the progress of application migrations. In addition, learn how to collect and view data about on-premises resources, group those resources into applications, and monitor progress as applications are migrated to AWS.

CloudEndure Connection: This session was divided into two sections. During the first part of the session, Carmen and Diego used the presentation below, which included a comprehensive slide on CloudEndure, to give background information on AWS migration. During the second part of the session, Carmen and Diego ran a hands-on workshop about how to use CloudEndure Live Migration to migrate live workloads to AWS.


3. Successfully Migrating Business-Critical Applications to AWS

Presenter: Jeremy Oakey, Senior Director, Cloud Platform & Solutions Group, Cisco Systems

Summary: When critical business applications move to the AWS Cloud, the business needs to be assured that applications will migrate rapidly and that performance will be as good or better than on-premises. This session covers a proven solution to evaluate, move, and compare migrated applications and assure they meet user expectations. You see Cisco CloudCenter in action, along with discovery and third-party migration tools used to understand applications and move them to AWS.

CloudEndure Connection: Jeremy uses CloudEndure Live Migration to migrate applications to AWS in his demo.


4. Are Migration Tools a Puzzle or Perfect Lego Blocks?

Presenters: Kalpan Raval, Global Segment Lead, Migration Tooling, AWS and Andy Furner, Global Lead, Partner Migration Program, AWS

Summary: The AWS Migration tooling segment team has invented migration tool packages that serve three key business objectives. First, technology choice, using competent tools from our ecosystem and AWS migration platform, with a tool recommender that help customers identify the right tools to achieve their business objectives. Next, speed of procurement, with “Single click” to procure the tools right from AWS Marketplace. Finally, the cost of migration, with highly discounted tools that reduce the cost of migration by 25 – 30%. In this session, we explain how our customers and SI partners can leverage these packages to enable the frictionless migration of thousands of workloads into AWS.

CloudEndure Connection: In this session, Kalpan shared CloudEndure’s Clark Construction migration case study.


5. Maximize Innovation and Agility by Building Your SaaS Solution on AWS

Presenters: Emily Tyack, SaaS Program Manager, AWS and Andrew Sullivan, SaaS Business Development Lead, APN, AWS

Summary: Partners increasingly look to a Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model for products to respond to customer demand, improve operational efficiency, increase agility, and expand market and global reach. AWS provides a low-cost, reliable, and secure foundation to use as you build and deliver SaaS solutions to your customers.

CloudEndure Connection: As part of her presentation on the SaaS delivery model, Emily used CloudEndure as an example of successful integration of a SaaS solution into AWS Marketplace.

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