AWS Marketplace Map and the Game of Clouds

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June 25, 2014

The AWS marketplace is growing at such an accelerated pace it can be hard to keep track. So to help you navigate, we sifted through the entire list as of June 1st 2014, which included a total of 2,291 products in three  categories – Business Software, Developer Tools, and Software Infrastructure. To make sense of the list, we focused on those companies with at least two reviews of 3 stars or higher.  146 products developed by 54 companies made the cut – they are presented below in a map that might look familiar to fantasy fans.

If the AWS marketplace were an epic fantasy saga, the map might look something like this: 

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AWS Marketplace Map Game of Clouds
146 products, 54 companies - Click to Enlarge
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Each of the three continents on the map represents a category with subcategories marked as territories.

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