Announcing: AWS and CloudEndure Broaden Partnership

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CloudEndure is proud to be named one of first technology partners fully integrated with AWS Migration Hub and to have its disaster recovery solution available directly through AWS Marketplace.

CloudEndure users have two reasons to cheer today: both our Live Migration and Disaster Recovery solutions have been integrated even deeper within the AWS ecosystem. Users can now sign up for and use CloudEndure Disaster Recovery directly through their AWS Marketplace account, with three different subscription models to choose from, providing a unified billing and licensing experience right from your AWS account. In addition, CloudEndure Live Migration has been selected as one of the first technology partners to be fully integrated into the brand-new AWS Migration Hub.

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AWS has made workload migration simpler than ever with the recent launch of the AWS Migration Hub, a single location that tracks the progress of application migrations across both AWS and partner solutions. The platform empowers companies by letting them choose the migration tools that best fit their needs, and get key metrics and progress updates along the way. We are thrilled to help kick off the Migration Hub, and help organizations migrate even the most complex workloads from a range of sources with no data loss, disruption, or downtime.

On the Marketplace front, CloudEndure Disaster Recovery is now available under SaaS contracts; users can access CloudEndure DR through AWS Marketplace and start replicating machines immediately. Our DR tools utilize cloud orchestration, machine conversion, and continuous block-level replication to ensure business runs as usual during a disaster.

“Now that CloudEndure DR is available directly from AWS Marketplace, companies can try it out without any long-term commitment or time-consuming paperwork,” said CloudEndure CEO Ofer Gadish. “We’ve also set no minimum number of machines so customers can literally test drive just one machine to see how it works. This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in utilizing AWS for disaster recovery to reduce their DR costs and enjoy better recovery performance.”

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Customers getting to CloudEndure Disaster Recovery through AWS have three SaaS purchasing options: pay-as-you-go monthly, a one-year subscription, or a three-year subscription. Plus, we’re offering a special promotion: anyone who subscribes to the one-year or three-year plan gets 15% off, effective immediately, through December 31, 2017.

Check out CloudEndure Disaster Recovery on AWS Marketplace today, under Storage & Backup. CloudEndure and all SaaS subscriptions and contracts on AWS Marketplace are billed through customers’ AWS accounts.

For more information, visit the CloudEndure Disaster Recovery listing on AWS Marketplace or the Live Migration solution on AWS Migration Hub.

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