Live AWS Webinar With Forrester Senior Analyst: How to Future-Proof Your Business

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Find out how to improve your data protection and cloud disaster recovery strategy with incisive analysis and recommendations from Forrester, AWS, CGS, and CloudEndure.

What are your organization’s most pressing business continuity and data protection questions? CloudEndure has assembled a panel of IT leaders, including a senior analyst from Forrester, for a live webinar to address critical business continuity challenges as well as the latest advances in cloud disaster recovery technology.

The live webinar will take place on Thursday, June 28 at 11:00 am PT / 2:00 pm ET.

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Several factors go into an organization’s decision to leverage the cloud for disaster recovery. For many companies, launching cloud-based disaster recovery for mission-critical machines is a first step towards implementing a full-scale cloud migration project and decommissioning on-premise and/or virtual data centers. With costly downtime becoming increasingly unacceptable, companies today seek a disaster recovery solution that ensures business continuity and at the same time maintains the flexibility to adapt to rapid market changes. Of course, all of this must come at a cost that can fit into a practical budget.  

Leading IT professionals will offer their advice and insights in the upcoming live AWS webinar, giving participants practical tools to help their company improve (or create) a future-proof business continuity strategy. The presenters will also address how to build a unified solution for all applications, databases, and infrastructure, maximize the infrastructure resources a company already has (physical, virtual, or cloud), and avoid common pitfalls when evaluating solutions. The webinar will conclude with an open Q&A session with all the speakers.

Get the latest insights on disaster recovery from a senior analyst.

Featured Presenter: Naveen Chhabra, Senior Analyst at Forrester
Naveen Chhabra is a senior analyst at Forrester, one of the most influential research and advisory firms in the world. Chhabra provides strategic guidance to  infrastructure and operations professionals. With 20 years of experience in the field, he offers enterprises valuable research to assist in developing and executing cloud strategies for effective business continuity and disaster recovery.

During the webinar, Chhabra will share his expertise on what to look for when evaluating disaster recovery solutions, including how an effective disaster recovery solution should fit into a company’s comprehensive risk assessment and business impact analysis. Chhabra will also delve into what is necessary to implement a flexible, unified, cost-effective data protection strategy. His acute analysis and recommendations can help your enterprise ensure your business continuity strategy will continue to serve you into the future, regardless of changes in technology, costs, and resources.

Presenter: Michael Brandi, VP of Technology Solutions Division at CGS
As a managed IT services provider, CGS was recently in the market for a more efficient, cloud-based disaster recovery solution to support its hundreds of mission-critical servers hosting enterprise resource planning (ERP), virtual desktop, and IaaS services. Michael Brandi will share his firsthand experience of how CGS successfully implemented a large-scale disaster recovery project into AWS. He will explain how CGS optimized AWS and CloudEndure technologies to achieve near-zero RTOs and RPOs, reduce disaster recovery costs, and implement a unified IT resilience strategy.

Additional Presenters:
Henry Axelrod, Partner Solutions Architect at AWS
Gonen Stein, VP of Business Development at CloudEndure

This is a great opportunity to make sure you and your organization are up-to-date on the latest business continuity research and analysis.