Azure ARM Customers Can Now Migrate and Recover Machines From Any Source

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CloudEndure has announced that it now fully supports disaster recovery and live migration for Azure Resource Manager (ARM), enabling customers to achieve enterprise-grade mobility and recovery into and within Azure’s most popular cloud.

Following the substantial growth of Azure ARM in Q4 2016, CloudEndure is excited to announce that it now supports disaster recovery and live migration for Azure ARM on top of its prior support for Azure Classic deployment models (ASM). As a result, Azure customers can benefit from advanced features and capabilities when using CloudEndure for disaster recovery or migration:

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No Performance Impact — CloudEndure’s Continuous Data Protection (CDP) operates in the background — neither taking snapshots nor writing any data to disk — which means there is no performance disruption on source infrastructures, even in cases of write-intensive machines such as databases and constantly changing file servers.

No Additional On-Premise Infrastructure Required — When using CloudEndure, no onsite virtual appliance is required, which means there are no additional storage, computing, networking, or OS costs to worry about.

OS Agnostic — Unlike other industry solutions, CloudEndure enables customers to mobilize machines running on both Windows and Linux operating systems, supporting all common versions and distributions.

Machine Agnostic — CloudEndure provides full migration, failover, and failback support for physical servers, virtual servers running on any hypervisor, and even servers hosted by other cloud providers.

Capability CloudEndure Live Migration & Disaster Recovery for Azure ARM
Windows Full Support
Linux Full Support
Physical Machines Full Support
Additional Source Infrastructure Requirements None
Performance Impact on Source Workload None
Actual RPO Near-Zero
Actual RTO Minutes
Failback Support To any physical or virtual source
Failback Complexity Very easy
RPO During Failback Near-zero
Point-in-Time Recovery 30 days back












Near-Zero RTO & RPO — Target machines can be launched to Azure ARM in minutes in their most up-to-date versions (up to the last second) thanks to Continuous Data Protection (CDP) and automated machine conversion and orchestration.

Failback Support — After a disaster is over, CloudEndure provides one-touch failback  to any physical or virtual sources and enables the same near-zero RTO and RPO described above.

Point-in-Time Recovery — Customers can choose to spin up the latest, most up-to-date version of their machines or an earlier version — up to 30 days back. This is a critical option for cases of database corruptions, accidental system changes, ransomware, or other malicious attacks.

To find out more about how to get the most out of Azure ARM by using CloudEndure Live Migration or Disaster Recovery, contact us today.

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