IT Professionals Get Cloud Disaster Recovery Workout at CloudEndure-Sponsored Boot Camp

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Over 500 IT professionals joined CloudEndure and other leading disaster recovery experts for an intensive, six-hour online training event.

CloudEndure recently co-sponsored an informative online training event on cloud disaster recovery and data protection, along with IBM, iland, Cohesity, and DataCore. Over 500 IT professionals delved into strategies for effective business continuity. They also explored the latest technologies available to protect data before a disaster occurs, as well as during and after downtime events. All attendees received a Certified Data Protection Specialist (CDPS) certificate upon completion of the boot camp.

The in-depth training received great reviews by participants. It was divided into the following five sessions:

  • Trends and Drivers in Disaster Recovery and Data Protection Planning
  • The Domain and Process of Data Protection and Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Data Collection and Impact Analysis
  • Mission Priority: Protect the Data
  • Build to Test Recovery Strategies

The concluding session was a Q&A with the panel of speakers, and included questions related to licensing, environment configuration, and different approaches to DR strategy.

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Author and veteran IT consultant Jon Toigo hosted the online training event. Toigo is an engaging speaker with over 30 years of IT experience and 17 books (including five on disaster recovery planning) under his belt. He has also assisted more than 200 Forbes Global 2000 organizations in the design, implementation, and testing of their disaster recovery strategies.

During the training, Toigo addressed the concerns of many IT professionals, who are often under pressure to maintain a high availability environment while at the same time meeting resistance from senior management when articulating the business value of disaster recovery solutions. Toigo shared helpful techniques to address this difficulty, and to overcome cost as an obstacle in disaster recovery planning.

In addition, the training session contained practical information on the latest requirements and best practices for an effective disaster recovery strategy, even in a “virtualized, software-defined, hybrid cloud-centric world.” (Spoiler alert: disaster recovery strategies continue to be critical, even for high availability hybrid environments).

Toigo also emphasized the importance of developing a strategic and practical disaster recovery plan. As he explained: “It’s important that we be fact-based in our reasoning around disaster recovery planning… What we need to do is look at our real requirements and what solutions are out there, and whether the solution fits the requirements.”


Slide on Asynchronous Replication from the 2018 Online Disaster Recovery and Data Protection Training

Speakers also included Steve Kenniston of IBM Systems Storage, with over 20 years of experience in storage software and data protection, and Gonen Stein of CloudEndure, who has provided IT solutions to Fortune 500 companies for over 15 years.

Participants received a first-row view of the CloudEndure Disaster Recovery solution in action. CloudEndure Disaster Recovery helps customers take live, running application workloads from any source infrastructure (physical, virtual, or cloud), and replicate the workloads in real time without disruption, into the target of the customer’s choice, with technology that reduces disaster recovery TCO by an average of 80%.

Sorry you missed the bootcamp? No worries. You can watch a recording of the Online Data Protection and Disaster Recovery Training. Check it out now, to gain important insights on meeting the challenges of contemporary computing by today’s top business continuity experts.

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