On-Prem vs. Cloud DR: Compare Costs With CloudEndure’s Infrastructure Calculator

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Use our Disaster Recovery Infrastructure Calculator to find out exactly how much money your company can save by moving to a cloud disaster recovery solution.

Gone are the days when cost was a prohibitive factor for enterprise-grade disaster recovery.

Thanks to the cloud, businesses can now obtain an affordable, resilient cloud disaster recovery solution with near-zero recovery objectives for mission-critical workloads. Cloud-based disaster recovery solutions offer significant cost reductions in hardware expenses, software licences, and storage infrastructure and services, as compared with on-premise secondary data centers.

CloudEndure Disaster Recovery is the only solution that fully leverages the public cloud to provide the disruptive technology and cost benefits possible with cloud-based disaster recovery.

In order to help IT professionals in the process of researching disaster recovery solutions, we’ve created a free online Infrastructure Calculator. Using the calculator, you can analyze the expected disaster recovery infrastructure costs for your specific IT environment.

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Simply choose your preferred target cloud and enter the details of the machines your organization wants to protect, including number of machines, CPU cores per machine, and RAM per machine. The at-a-glance comparison tool will then provide you with an estimate of ongoing monthly infrastructure costs for a do-it-yourself on-premises disaster recovery solution vs. CloudEndure’s cloud-based disaster recovery solution.

CloudEndure Disaster Recovery is a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service solution that continually replicates any workloads from any source infrastructure to low-cost “staging areas” in any target cloud location, where an up-to-date copy of the workloads can be spun up on demand and be fully functioning in minutes. This “staging area” is what dramatically reduces compute and storage costs.  

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CloudEndure helps enterprises to fully utilize the capabilities of cloud infrastructure by providing an automated failover and failback solution that provisions resources only when needed during a disaster or drill, and not during normal operations. Moving disaster recovery to the cloud with CloudEndure offers additional management and monitoring savings (not reflected in the calculator), so customers often achieve an overall TCO reduction of 80%.

To learn more about how to achieve near-zero RPOs and RTOs with CloudEndure or to schedule a demo, please contact us.

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