Cloud Service Availability Q1 Results: Who’s Up and Who’s Down

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If you thought downtime was not an issue anymore – think again!

Results are in for Q1 2014: 43.6% of Quantcast Top Million websites running on Cloud report downtime!

According to the 2014 Public Cloud Disaster Recovery Survey, 68% rank service availability importance at 8 or higher on a scale from 1 to 10. Still, 26% aren’t measuring service availability or its impact on the business.

For a clearer picture of service availability in the public cloud, we monitored the top million websites listed on Quantcast and identified over 66,000 sites running on public cloud infrastructure – including Amazon Web Services, Softlayer, Rackspace, and Microsoft Azure.

 Quantcast Top Million Share of Cloud

The data tells an interesting story. While Softlayer does have a slightly higher share of the total Quantcast top million cloud, Amazon Web Services is trailing very closely, with Rackspace and Azure a distant third and fourth.

Quantcast Top Thousand Share of Cloud

A significantly smaller sample of the top thousand sites increases Amazon’s share dramatically – close to 90% – dwarfing every other cloud provider in the market.Quantcast Share of Cloud

Of course, the sites in the study do not include the Google Cloud Platform, which had only just launched a few weeks before we began our monitoring study. Over time, we expect to see Google’s cloud presence to increase. It’s also worth noting that our sample is limited to web servers running websites with a Quantcast rank of 999,999 or below.

Who’s Up and Who’s Down in the Cloud

Across all cloud providers powering Quantcast top 1M sites, 56.4% did not record a downtime event. 17.19% recorded less than 53 minutes annually (13 minutes over the quarter) corresponding to 99.99% availability, 15.32% recorded less than 263 minutes annually (66 over the quarter) for 99.95% availability, 2.09% recorded less than 8.76 hours annually (2.19 hours over the quarter) for 99.9% availability , and 8.97% recorded more than 8.76 hours annually for 99% availability or worse.Cloud Availability Breakdown by Provider

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