Benchmark Your Disaster Recovery Plan Effectiveness with CloudEndure’s New Interactive Tool

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Businesses and IT professionals can now discover, in mere seconds, how their DR strategy compares to that of over 140 other companies.

You already know that your company needs a strong disaster recovery strategy. And you probably have one in place. The question is, is it good enough? Do you know how your IT Disaster Recovery Plan compares to that of other successful companies?

To help businesses and IT professionals evaluate their disaster recovery strategies, CloudEndure has created a free customized Disaster Recovery Report that ranks your preparedness in comparison to 140 of your peers. The data in the report is based on the results of our annual CloudEndure Disaster Recovery Survey that covers the realities, risks, and challenges facing professionals today.

In less than five minutes, you can see where your business falls on the disaster recovery preparedness spectrum by answering a short survey. The report is customized to your answers, so you understand in exactly which categories your business is up to industry standards and where it needs more protection. The report also offers valuable insights, best practices, and suggestions for improving your disaster recovery preparedness.

For example:

  • Are you among the 58% of respondents spending more than 10 hours per week on backup/disaster recovery? Learn what the other 42% are doing to avoid this time investment.
  • Does one day of system downtime cost you $100,000 or more? If yes, find out how you can join the 54% of respondents who avoid these high costs while still maintaining robust disaster recovery.
  • Are you among the 90% of respondents meeting their service availability goals consistently? If not, consider increasing automation to reduce human error, implementing comprehensive monitoring, and using discovery recovery solutions that enable you to quickly recover when downtime strikes.

Whether you are considering a disaster recovery solution for the first time or an alternative solution, it’s worth knowing where your strengths and weaknesses lie. As CloudEndure CEO Ofer Gadish said, “With this instant report, companies no longer have to wait and wonder whether they are sufficiently prepared for a potential data disaster. Having this knowledge in hand can be the difference between a few minutes a year of downtime, and a company completely crashing.”

Get Customized Report

After answering the survey, the report will be emailed to you in seconds. The report will highlight how your disaster recovery figures compare to those of 140 other survey respondents. All your data remains strictly confidential.

Cloud disaster recovery survey 2016 - Get your exclusive report.

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