Cross-Region Cloud Disaster Recovery Plan for AWS

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A disaster recovery plan is critical to maximize uptime. For organizations with physical computing infrastructure, this is part of a business continuity plan, which typically requires doubling resources and ensuring an alternate site remains up and running with a live, up-do-date replica of the entire application stack.

In the cloud, you can implement a disaster recovery plan without the CAPEX required by a traditional business continuity plan. Amazon actually provides all the necessary building blocks to set it up. Although there are several ways to ensure service availability, the most robust is cross-region replication of your entire application stack. This way, in the rare downtime event that affects an entire AWS region, you can easily failover to your alternate cloud region.

Still, picking and choosing the best AWS tools to implement cross-region replication can be challenge. That’s why we put together our very own AWS disaster recovery plan so you don’t have to start from scratch. Brought to you by CloudEndure, you’ll learn the essential five building blocks necessary to implement cross-region disaster recovery on your own.

Download Cross-Region DR Plan for AWS