Google Launches Cloud Migration Practice Featuring CloudEndure as Recommended Partner

May 24, 2016 Posted by

Google has just launched its cloud migration practice, which features CloudEndure as a recommended partner for live migration of workloads to the cloud.

According to Google’s website, “These partners have been hand-picked by Google to provide the best customer experience throughout the migration process.”

As part of this partnership, CloudEndure and Google are offering free migrations to Google Cloud Platform.

This is a great opportunity to migrate your Windows or Linux servers from any infrastructure (i.e. physical, virtual, cloud, hybrid) to the cloud — at no cost and with near-zero downtime.

As an added benefit, you may use this link to apply a $500 credit to your Google Cloud Platform account.

Combining the power of Google with the simplicity and reliability of CloudEndure’s migration technology, this offer is a perfect way for IT executives to accelerate their journey to the cloud. Best of all, it’s free!

Try it out and tell us what you think.

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