Microsoft Adds SaaS Subscriptions to Azure Marketplace With CloudEndure as Launch Partner

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CloudEndure Disaster Recovery is now available as a SaaS subscription for direct purchase on the newly expanded Microsoft Azure Marketplace, providing customers with simple project setup and cost-saving, multi-tier recovery options.

At Microsoft Build 2018, Azure announced the launch of exciting new capabilities for Azure Marketplace, including SaaS subscriptions, which offer simple, flat-rate month-to-month billing, with the opportunity to scale up or opt out at any time. CloudEndure Disaster Recovery, a launch partner of Azure’s new service, is immediately available as a SaaS subscription, eliminating the need to deal with complex software deployment and maintenance.

Purchasing Azure-integrated CloudEndure Disaster Recovery as a SaaS subscription via Azure Marketplace gives users the simplest possible disaster recovery project setup: since projects are managed via the integrated CloudEndure Console, customers can configure their disaster recovery settings directly through the Console, rather than having to set up complex management servers or virtual appliances in their environments. In addition, customers can use their existing Azure billing account to purchase CloudEndure Disaster Recovery, gaining the benefit of direct billing and immediate service activation.

Azure Corporate Vice President of Growth and Ecosystems Charlotte Yarkoni expanded on the benefits of Azure Marketplace’s new SaaS service offerings and partnerships with SaaS ISVs. “For example, CloudEndure sells Disaster Recovery solutions for Azure as a SaaS subscription because it reduces the friction of typical Enterprise procurement. Purchasing through Azure Marketplace lets customers reduce billing relationships and consolidate software licensing and infrastructure fees,” explained Yarkoni.

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In response to Azure Marketplace’s selection of CloudEndure as a launch partner, CloudEndure CEO Ofer Gadish stated, “CloudEndure’s reputation for excellence in recovering any application into Azure from any source is reflected in our technology partner’s choice to include multi-tier CloudEndure Disaster Recovery products within the launch of Azure Marketplace’s new SaaS subscriptions.”

Azure Marketplace subscribers now have the opportunity to purchase licenses with protection features that vary depending on workload criticality and recovery objectives, to achieve comprehensive enterprise-grade IT resilience. Tier 1 CloudEndure Disaster Recovery is designed for mission-critical workloads that require near-zero RPOs and RTOs. Tier 2 CloudEndure Disaster Recovery is beneficial for workloads that can sustain longer RTOs. For workloads that require backup rather than disaster recovery, CloudEndure also offers Continuous Backup.

CloudEndure’s automated machine conversion technology provides a wide operating system support matrix for Windows and Linux workloads during their launch into Azure. This includes Microsoft workloads such as Active Directory and SQL Servers, as well as other common databases and legacy applications (click here for a full list of applications supported). Once the disaster is over or the data corruption is resolved, users benefit from one-click automated failback from Azure to their source infrastructure, which can be another Azure region, or any physical, virtual, or cloud infrastructure.

Azure also recently selected CloudEndure Live Migration as a technology partner for integration into Microsoft Azure Migration Center.  

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