2 Microsoft Azure Webinars IT Pros Won’t Want to Miss

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Two recent Microsoft Azure webinars showcase CloudEndure Disaster Recovery and Live Migration, addressing Microsoft customers’ pain points in workload mobility and recovery.

IT professionals are finding that their enterprise’s current infrastructure is insufficient for storing the growing volumes of data accessed for daily operations and analytics. As a result, Microsoft offers a range of technical Azure webinars to help users address difficulties they face in their IT environment. In the past week, Microsoft Azure has chosen to feature CloudEndure technology in two of these in-depth webinars. This choice reflects CloudEndure’s flexibility in protecting, mobilizing, and recovering a wide variety of workloads. The recordings of these two Azure webinars are available below, allowing you to see first-hand how CloudEndure helps customers use Azure as a disaster recovery target site or migrate virtual machines to Azure.

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1. Azure Storage Solution Showcase

This one-hour webcast is part of Azure’s Storage Solution Showcase series hosted by Karl Rautenstrauch, Principal Program Manager of Azure Storage Partners.

Rautenstrauch explained that “The reason we’re focusing on great partners like CloudEndure as part of this Storage Showcase series is because data storage continues to be a real pain point for our customers at Microsoft. We try to bring you solutions that can help resolve the challenges that you’re seeing in your environments today, chief among them being the absolute explosion of data in your environment.” He provided an overview of the fiscal and operational benefits of Azure Storage Platform, and explained how CloudEndure’s availability solution integrates seamlessly with Azure Disk Storage.

Gonen Stein, VP of Business Development at CloudEndure, presented a technical showcase of CloudEndure’s Hybrid IT Resilience and Live Workload Mobility Suite. The IT Resilience Suite offers  comprehensive solutions to meet ever-changing disaster recovery, backup, and migration needs. It includes Disaster Recovery, which provides multiple tiers of IT resilience. Depending on the criticality of the application, customers can either choose Tier 1, which is designed to protect mission-critical applications requiring the most aggressive recovery objectives, or choose Tier 2 for business-critical applications. It also includes the Live Migration solution and the Continuous Backup solution, which uses the cloud target as a data repository and then restores it to the original location.

“CloudEndure provides a unified interface that addresses multiple challenges,” Stein explained. “These challenges could be connected, but they are different challenges. The fact that you can manage everything under one roof really helps our customers feel that they’re future-proofing their business, by addressing multiple use cases with one solution for different types of environments.”

After explaining how CloudEndure technology works, Stein provided an in-depth live demo of an AWS to Azure disaster recovery project.

2. Migrate VMs and Databases Using Azure and Partner Tools

This was the second part of the “Migrate to Azure With Confidence” series. In this Azure webinar, the Azure Migrate Team delved into rehost (“lift-and-shift”) strategies.

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Topics covered in this webcast included how to migrate VMs, applications, databases, hypervisors, and operating systems to Azure without data loss, downtime, or performance impact. The webinar explained how to use Azure Site Recovery (ASR) and partner tools that can be deployed alongside ASR, such as CloudEndure Live Migration.

Gonen Stein shared the technology and benefits of CloudEndure Live Migration as part of this webinar, including the ability to mobilize any workload from any physical, virtual, or cloud infrastructure to Azure. Afterwards, he shared a live demo of CloudEndure Live Migration to the Azure ARM West Central US region.

The demo included setting up a migration project for three sample servers: ApplicationServer, MySQL backend database, and ExchangeServer, all through the CloudEndure Console. Viewers learned how to test either the latest version of their machines, or machines at a previous point in time. Afterwards, Stein showed how to launch the entire environment to Azure within minutes.

Want to try out CloudEndure solutions with Microsoft Azure? CloudEndure is available for direct purchase on Azure SaaS Marketplace, or you can schedule a demo to learn more about how CloudEndure leverages Microsoft Azure to deliver cost-effective migration and disaster recovery solutions for your enterprise.