Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery in a Cloud-Based World

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To leverage the cloud for disaster recovery or not to leverage, that is the question.

Many companies these days are asking themselves if their organization should leverage the cloud for DR, and if the timing is right. As seen in the Results Report from the 2016 Disaster Recovery Survey, concerns typically relate to the total cost of ownership of the various solutions, flexibility, and whether it’s necessary to manage the infrastructure. 

CloudEndure is thrilled to have co-sponsored a one-day Online Boot Camp on Business Continuity in a Cloud-Based World. Your peers took part in this free, information-packed online boot camp where these exact concerns were addressed.

Cloud expert Jon W. Toigo, Managing Principal Partner of Toigo Partners and Chairman of the Data Management Institute, along with other industry pros, will explore critical topics related to business continuity, including:

  • Why the public cloud may be the right choice for your organization
  • 3 unique approaches to cloud-based disaster recovery
  • How to reduce DR costs by using the cloud
  • Why business impact analysis needs to come first in your DR strategy

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The Main Presenter

Jon W. Toigo, Managing Principal Partner of Toigo Partners & Chairman of the Data Management Institute 
35+ year IT veteran in progressively responsible internal IT positions in the financial industry, then as a senior consultant for two international systems integrators. Author of 17 books on business technology. Author of over 2000 articles and seven on-going columns in the technology trade press that garner a readership of half a million monthly.

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