SAP Shows How Easy S/4HANA Migration to GCP Can Be

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A blog post by SAP, the prominent software company, examines the process of migrating its S/4HANA ERP suite to Google Cloud Platform, using the free CloudEndure/GCP VM Migration Service.

If you’re using S/4HANA for your business, now you can add Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to the list of backend solutions to choose from. With Google and SAP having partnered up – and with many SAP solutions certified to run on GCP – you have the option of combining S/4HANA with the security, scalability, and rich selection of features offered by Google’s cloud solutions.

And because of CloudEndure’s partnership with Google, SAP S 4HANA migration to GCP can be easy and painless for your business or organization.

A blog post published by SAP in June shows just how quick and simple it is to use the joint CloudEndure/GCP VM Migration Service to migrate your S/4HANA software to GCP.  Rather than provide a comprehensive set of instructions for migrations from all types of platforms, the post features one specific example of migrating two VMs for the S/4HANA system from Microsoft Azure to Google Cloud Platform.

SAP S$ Hana Migration diagram

The S/4HANA ERP suite is a leading business-management solution that can run either on a local server or on any of the three leading cloud providers: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, or GCP. As its blog post emphasizes, SAP sees that versatility as a major asset – particularly given that all three of these cloud providers are widely regarded as reliable solutions that offer specific advantages for businesses and organizations.

For those who are looking to migrate S/4HANA software to GCP – whether from an on-premise server, AWS, Azure, or any other infrastructure – the CloudEndure/GCP VM Migration Service is a free, robust, and user-friendly solution offering rapid data migration with no data loss or system disruption.

Utilizing CloudEndure’s continuous, block-level replication technology, the VM Migration Service replicates your workloads to GCP in the background while allowing you to continue using your software. Once the workloads have been copied to GCP and you have finished testing the replicated data, the VM Migration Service performs the cutover in just a few minutes – completing the migration while allowing your business to keep working without disruption.

VM Migration Diagram

For more information on how to migrate S4/HANA to GCP using the VM Migration Service, watch our webcast. Or click here to get started.