Top 7 Azure Disaster Recovery Presentations for Developing Your DR Strategy

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Find everything you need to know about leveraging Azure disaster recovery in these 7 value-packed SlideShares.

Rapid technology innovation is forcing IT professionals in all disciplines to constantly update their skillsets and knowledge. Disaster recovery, in particular, is changing quickly alongside advancements in cloud computing and it can be difficult to keep up.

Luckily, there is more free education available online than ever before — the problem is finding worthwhile lessons to consume.

That’s why we’ve collected the following 7 presentations that will help you learn more about how to use Azure for disaster recovery.

If you’re still debating whether the cloud is your best bet for disaster recovery, check out this free white paper: Finally, Affordable Enterprise-Grade Disaster Recovery Using the Cloud.

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And now for the 7 must-view Azure disaster recovery presentations:

1. Leveraging the Power of Microsoft Azure to Build Your Hyper-V Disaster Recovery Datacenter
Presented by Peter De Tender, Azure Architect at Microsoft

In this presentation from ITPROceed 2015, Microsoft’s Peter De Tender walks viewers through the challenges with traditional approaches to disaster recovery. With a complete overview of the Microsoft DR stack, this presentation helps companies improve their business continuity plans through several disaster recovery scenarios.

Additional resources about disaster recovery and other cloud computing use cases can be found on the Microsoft TechNet SlideShare page.

2. Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery With Microsoft Azure
Presented by Aymen Mami, IT Consultant with Reseaux Fromation & Conseil

The basis of this Azure disaster recovery presentation is an explanation of how data growth is putting stress on business continuity plans. Aymen Mami includes multiple technical diagrams to explain how Azure Site Recovery can help you orchestrate your disaster recovery efforts and overcome the roadblocks to business continuity.

3. DRaaS on Azure Platform
Presented by Luca Mauri, Sales Solution Professional at Microsoft

Luca Mauri’s presentation offers a helpful context around the shift from traditional on-prem disaster recovery to the rising cloud-based approach. Mauri presents various scenarios where Azure Site Recovery and Azure Backup can help you adopt a disaster recovery strategy that fits your unique business needs.

4. Disaster Recovery Planning Using Azure Site Recovery
Presented by Murad Kayani, Cloud Solutions Architect at Motifworks

Kayani doesn’t just use his presentation to explain the features of Azure for disaster recovery. Instead, he resonates with viewers by understanding the limitations of traditional DR solutions and explaining why disaster recovery is a necessity today. Kayani helps you form an Azure disaster recovery plan with a 7-step process.

For additional Azure resources, check out Motifworks’ Journey to the Cloud webinar series.

5. When Disaster Strikes — Azure Site Recovery
Presented by Aidan Finn, IT Consultant

It seems that many disaster recovery presentations link Azure Site Recovery with the Azure Backup solution. However, Finn separates the two and focuses solely on Azure Site Recovery and the differences between backup and DR. If you still think backup and DR are the same, this is the Azure disaster recovery presentation for you.

If you want to learn more from Aidan Finn, check out his website or the Petri IT Knowledgebase.

6. Simplify Your BCDR Strategy With Azure
Presented by Muditha Chathuranga and Susantha Silva from Infront Consulting Group

Have you ever found yourself questioning if your DR will function properly when you’re hit with a real disaster? Or wondering if you can test disaster recovery without production system downtime? In their presentation from SCU Asia Pacific 2016, Chathuranga and Silva aim to answer these questions and more by helping you simplify disaster recovery with Azure.

7. HA/DR Options With SQL Server in Azure and Hybrid
Presented by James Serra, Big Data/Data Warehouse Evangelist at Microsoft

Cloud disaster recovery is on the rise, but that doesn’t mean every enterprise will make an immediate, wholesale change from their traditional strategy to the cloud. James Serra knows that a hybrid approach is a likely reality for many companies making the move. In his presentation, Serra walks through a hybrid Azure/on-prem disaster recovery scenario that involves SQL Server 2016.

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