The Top 9 Outages that Made Headlines in Q1 2016

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Sooner or later, every system fails — and that’s when customers notice. A popular service can run smoothly for 364 days and 23 hours — but if it’s down for only one hour a year, the millions of affected customers will certainly talk about it.

From Microsoft customers being locked out of their email services because of a system failure to services like Twitter, Uber and Tinder going down, we’ve chosen the top 9 downtime stories that stood out because of impact and downtime duration:

  1. Twitter – 19 Jan
    Twitter Went Down Because of an ‘Internal Code Change’
    Duration: 8 Hours
  2. WhatsApp – 26 Jan
    WhatsApp goes down globally, causes stir on social media
    Duration: Less than an hour
  3. Microsoft – 27 Jan
    Microsoft’s biggest customers haven’t had access to email for several days
    Duration: 9 Days
  4. Apple – 11 Feb
    Apple Pay suffers first wobble with seven-hour outage
    Duration: 7 Hours
  5. IRS – 12 Feb
    IRS outage caused by back-to-back failures, not cyberattack
    Duration: 30 Hours
  6. Salesforce – 3 Mar storage fail causes lengthy outage
    Duration: 8 Hours
  7. PayPal – 4 Mar
    eBay, Etsy and Online Merchants Hit by PayPal Outage
    Duration: 7 Hours
  8. Uber – 10 Mar
    Uber’s Outage Meant Big Bucks for Lyft Drivers
    Duration: 20 Minutes
  9. Tinder – 15 Mar
    A Tinder Outage Accidentally Deleted Users’ Matches and People Are PANICKING
    Duration: Unknown but it lasted long enough to make users panic