CloudEndure Poised to Shake Up Market With Disaster Recovery Into VMware From Any Source

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VMware-based cloud providers and customers with hybrid environments can now use a single product for continuous replication into VMware vCenter from any source infrastructure.

CloudEndure has announced the launch of a powerful new IT resilience product — Disaster Recovery into VMware. Already recognized by industry leaders for its one-click, cloud-agnostic solutions, CloudEndure is again disrupting the IT resilience market by offering affordable, enterprise-grade disaster recovery into VMware environments from any source.

Unlike other products currently available in the market, which provide replication to VMware-powered data centers only when the source is also running VMware, CloudEndure’s advanced infrastructure-agnostic solution provides continuous data replication and quick recovery into VMware environments from any source infrastructure, including physical machines, virtual machines on any hypervisor, and all public and private clouds.

According to CloudEndure CEO Ofer Gadish, “Customers and VMware-based cloud providers can now leverage VMware vCenter as a disaster recovery target for all workloads no matter what source infrastructure they are running on — virtual, on-prem, or cloud. And as always with CloudEndure, we ensure RPOs of seconds and RTOs of minutes.”

Regarding the cost of CloudEndure’s new Disaster Recovery into VMware product, Gadish explains, “Not only is our technology disruptive, but so is our pricing model. We’re able to offer the most aggressive recovery objectives at a dramatically lower price than our industry peers, which means a much better bottom line for our customers.”

CloudEndure’s new solution is likely to be a game-changer for many companies, including those with hybrid cloud environments. Whereas in the past these organizations would have had to use one replication tool for virtualized workloads, another for physical workloads, and yet another for cloud-based workloads, customers can now use a single tool for their entire IT ecosystem. Moreover, they can easily shift between different source and target infrastructures as their IT environment continues to develop.

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