Upcoming Webinar: Learn the Most Effective Methods for Seamless Migration to AWS

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Join your peers, AWS and CloudEndure for a joint webinar on March 21. View a case study of a company that migrated their servers ahead of schedule with no downtime and hear their story.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) continues to lead the public cloud market, with a current hold on 45 percent of the worldwide public market for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). As organizations across the globe launch or grow their migrations to AWS, the question of how to migrate effectively looms large. CIOs are confronted with questions and concerns from all levels of their organization, including:

  • Will the replication process cause performance disruptions and downtime?
  • How long will the migration project take from start to finish?
  • Can you migrate legacy applications and databases without losing data?

AWS and CloudEndure have joined forces to help companies simplify the migration process and ensure a seamless experience.

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In our upcoming joint webinar on March 21, experts from AWS and CloudEndure will present the most effective methods for migrating to AWS with minimal disruption and no data loss. They will be joined by the digital entertainment company iN DEMAND, which used CloudEndure Live Migration to migrate a large number of VMware servers to AWS ahead of schedule and without any glitches.

This webinar is the perfect opportunity for IT managers, IT security managers, solution architects, system administrators, and more to learn how many companies today are:

  • Utilizing continuous block-level replication to minimize business disruptions and eliminate data loss.
  • Reducing the complexity of the migration process from any source (physical, virtual, and cloud) to AWS.
  • Testing migrated servers on AWS without disrupting or impacting source applications.
  • Implementing disaster recovery on AWS to achieve near-zero RPO and RTO while reducing DR costs.

Your speakers will be:

Carmen - AWS speaker - Webinar Carmen Puccio, Solutions Architect, AWS
Gonen Gonen Stein, VP of Business Development, CloundEndure
Keith Son - AWS Webinar - Client speaker Keith Son, Director of Infrastructure, iN DEMAND


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