Agio Ditches Its Snapshots Babysitter With CloudEndure Disaster Recovery

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Agio was beginning to load more and more data onto the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, and they quickly came to realize the firm needed a better Disaster Recovery solution to cope with their growing data. Agio’s Solutions Architect, Eric Hudson, had been using snapshots to backup the firm’s data, which forced him to take several snapshots a day, including “babysitting” the process to make sure it was completed successfully. This took around 7 hours a week of his time. With CloudEndure’s Disaster Recovery as a Service, (DRaaS), Agio’s Disaster Recovery is up and running automatically without the need for a babysitter. The process is fast, highly reliable and user friendly, making Eric’s life easier, and freeing him up to focus on mission critical projects at Agio.


Agio is a leading IT and Security Managed Services Provider, offering technology hosting, monitoring, management, disaster prevention and recovery, security, and other high-end technology services. With nearly 140 employees, Agio is headquartered in New York City with operational headquarters in Norman, OK.

The Challenge

Agio maintains 7 servers with a combined storage of 2 terabyte, all crucial to the firm’s overall operation, and all part of their Disaster Recovery. Their previous Disaster Recovery strategy consisted of using snapshots, which consumed roughly 7 hours a week of Eric Hudson’s time. He was forced to take several snapshots a day and monitor the process to ensure everything was executed properly without interruptions. Since data was constantly updated during this process, the end snapshot result was already outdated the moment it was completed. All of this, compounded with an RPO and an RTO of 4 hours, had Agio quickly searching for a different approach.

The Solution

After evaluating a number of companies, Agio chose CloudEndure. It enables Eric to create an exact replica of the entire workload, assuring the most up-to-date state of Agio’s 7 servers, including all the data, network topology, firewalls, etc. with just one click. The fast, easy and reliable nature of CloudEndure’s Solution saves Agio time and money.


With CloudEndure, Agio now has a reliable, cloud-based and cost-effective Disaster Recovery solution, which seamlessly manages all 7 servers regardless of their physical location. CloudEndure’s DRaaS solution meets the stringent demands of Agio’s Discover Recovery policy, while offering an intuitive experience for Eric, ultimately saving over 2 months of his time a year. The overall cost savings add up to several thousand dollars a month; savings that doesn’t go unnoticed, annually.


When looking at CloudEndure, Agio was cautious and tested its DRaaS extensively before making a decision. Once it became clear the solution lived up to its promise, Agio opted for the agility, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of CloudEndure to meet its Disaster Recovery needs. “If you’re looking for a Disaster Recovery solution, we highly recommend evaluating CloundEndure,” said Eric.

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