Data Protection That Never Stops

CloudEndure utilizes the cloud to provide affordable, high-performance backup and restore for any source data center or workload — physical, virtual, and cloud. By continually replicating your servers into low-cost object storage in the cloud, CloudEndure allows you to restore your data in its most up-to-date state to your preferred location. You also have the option of restoring data from a previous point in time, a crucial feature for recovery from ransomware, malware, or other corruptions.

CloudEndure Continuous Backup is often used as part of an organization’s larger IT resilience strategy. The majority of workloads benefit from the robust, real-time data protection of CloudEndure Continuous Backup. For mission-critical workloads that cannot tolerate any downtime, CloudEndure provides multi-tier disaster recovery.

“We were impressed with the solution’s flexibility and ease of use. CloudEndure is ahead of the pack.”
-Keith Son, Director of Infrastructure at iN DEMAND
How CloudEndure Continuous Backup Works


Real-Time Data Protection

Cost Savings

CloudEndure dramatically reduces the cost of backup by replicating your data into object storage in the cloud. To maximize cost-effectiveness of your entire IT resilience strategy, choose Continuous Backup for workload recovery that is not time critical, while using CloudEndure Disaster Recovery for mission-critical workloads that require more rapid recovery.

Designed for Databases

CloudEndure operates in the background, without requiring reboot or impacting system performance. Our Continuous Data Protection (CDP) engine works in memory — neither taking snapshots nor writing any data to disks — which means no performance impact on even the busiest, write-intensive databases.

Any Source

CloudEndure Continuous Backup supports any source infrastructure, including physical, virtual, and cloud. By utilizing advanced block-level replication, CloudEndure is able to provide reliable and secure backup for any application or database on both Windows and Linux operating systems.

Continuous Data Protection

CloudEndure utilizes Continuous Data Protection (CDP), which enables real-time updates, near-zero Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs), and the elimination of data loss for even the busiest workloads. No snapshots are taken on source machines and there is no performance impact.

Enterprise-Grade Security

CloudEndure follows the highest security standards and is ISO 27001 compliant. We provide in-transit data encryption using AES 256-bit and support at-rest data encryption in your target site. Replication traffic is transmitted directly from your source machines to your target site, and can be restricted to your private networks for better speed and control.

Ransomware Protection

In cases of ransomware or other data corruption, you can use CloudEndure Continuous Backup to restore an earlier, non-corrupted version of the affected machine. CloudEndure’s point-in-time restore provides the option of restoring the most up-to-date version of machines or previously backed up versions.

Backup & Restore All Applications

Unlike application-specific backup solutions, CloudEndure supports all workloads, including databases and legacy applications. Among the applications that we support are: