Business as Usual, Always.®

Business continuity and IT resilience are a click away with CloudEndure® Disaster Recovery technology. Our one-touch disaster recovery solution utilizes block-level continuous replication, application stack orchestration, and automated machine conversion to ensure near-zero RPOs and RTOs for all applications, while frequently reducing traditional disaster recovery expenses.

Multi-Tier IT Resilience
CloudEndure offers both Tier 1 and Tier 2 Disaster Recovery. Each tier provides a different level of functionality — such as RPOs and RTOs — at a different price, thereby allowing you to choose the most cost-effective solution for all your workloads based on their criticality level. As part of our IT Resilience Suite, CloudEndure also offers Continuous Backup for workloads that do not require disaster recovery.

How CloudEndure Disaster Recovery Works

The Technology Behind the One-Touch Solution

Initial Sync

Install the CloudEndure Agent on your source machines in order to:

  • Launch asynchronous, block-level replication.
  • Create a lightweight replication staging area.
  • Keep your data in sync in a cost-effective manner using minimal compute and low-cost storage.

Continuous Replication

After target machines are set up and synced:

  • Your source machines are protected with Continuous Data Protection (CDP) technology.
  • Any changes made on your source machines will sync into your target machines in real time.
  • Target machines can be spun up at any time in their most up-to-date state.

Non-Disruptive Tests

Disaster recovery drills:

  • Are conducted by simply clicking a button in the CloudEndure Console.
  • Do not impact machine performance.
  • Do not disrupt continuous replication.


When disaster strikes:

  • Spin up your target machines within minutes.
  • Automated conversion natively boots your machines to target infrastructure.
  • Automated application stack orchestration eliminates need for time-consuming network configurations.
  • You can launch the target machine in an earlier state using our Point-in-Time Recovery technology.


One-click failback:

  • Allows you to return to normal operations.
  • Reverses the replication direction from target machines back to source machines.
  • Ensures changes that occurred in target machines during disaster are replicated back to source machines.


Calculate your savings with CloudEndure

TCO Reduction

Whereas traditional DR solutions require duplicate compute and storage infrastructure in your target site, CloudEndure leverages the cloud to keep your data in sync using lightweight compute and storage. This way you only pay for your fully provisioned workload in an actual disaster, which reduces your TCO significantly.


CloudEndure operates in the background, without requiring reboot or impacting your system in any noticeable way. Our Continuous Data Protection (CDP) engine works in memory, does not use snapshots, and does not write any data to disk, which means near-zero impact on performance.

Any to Any

Protect all your physical, virtual, hybrid, and cloud-based workloads with one disaster recovery solution. CloudEndure provides equally efficient replication and recovery solutions for any source infrastructure and any target infrastructure, including physical or colocated data centers, VMware, and all major clouds, such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle Cloud, and OpenStack.

Minimal RTO & RPO

Unlike backup and snapshot-based solutions, which can only update target locations at distinct, infrequent intervals, CloudEndure uses Continuous Data Protection (CDP), enabling real-time updates, near-zero RPO, and the elimination of data loss. Moreover, whereas backup solutions only provide data recovery, CloudEndure launches a recovery machine in your target, eliminating the need to retrieve data manually and enabling near-zero RTO.

Enterprise-Grade Security

CloudEndure follows the highest security standards and is ISO 27001 compliant. We provide in-transit data encryption using AES 256-bit and support at-rest data encryption in your target site. Replication traffic is transmitted directly from your source machines to your target site, and can be restricted to your private networks for better speed and control.

Independence and Control

CloudEndure gives you the control to test your target machines as often as you like by just clicking a button. We also provide you with the ability to move easily and quickly to any target infrastructure of your choice, which means no resource-draining vendor lock-in.

CloudEndure Replicates & Recovers All Applications

Unlike application-specific disaster recovery solutions, CloudEndure supports all workloads, including databases and legacy applications. Among the applications that we support are: