AWS TCO Reduction, New Console, Post-Script Capabilities, and More

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CloudEndure makes it even easier to migrate workloads and launch cloud disaster recovery for all machines and applications.

Just in time for the new year, we wanted to share news about CloudEndure’s newest version, which features a completely new console for both disaster recovery and cloud migration, as well as reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO) for AWS, support of Oracle RAC, post-script capabilities, and more.

New Migration Console

This online console makes it easy to track the progress of your migration projects, find out which replications are behind schedule, and manage your risks in preparation for your cutover windows.

New Disaster Recovery Console

Manage all of your disaster recovery projects right from this new online console. Determine your business continuity preparedness, identify risks, and make fixes to enable quick recovery in the event of a disaster.

Support of Oracle RAC

CloudEndure now officially supports the migration of Oracle RAC workloads, including large-scale production workloads. For technical information about this process, please contact [email protected]

Post-Script Capabilities

Run any post-migration scripts on your launched target machines. This is especially useful for invoking custom actions for post-migration cutover automation or DR failover processes, such as the installation of required cloud-based tools, removing unnecessary components, and re-configuring your servers.

Instant Disk Discovery Upon Agent Installation

CloudEndure detects all of your disks automatically so that no disk is accidentally left behind due to human error. You can still choose to exclude certain disks from replication, if preferred. This also makes unattended, mass installations extremely easy since there is no need for installation configuration parameters.

Automated Detection of Disk Changes

CloudEndure now auto-detects changes to all replicated disks, such as disk resize or removal, and syncs the changed disk structures accordingly. This helps save time and removes human error when storage infrastructure changes are made to your workloads.

TCO Reduction in AWS

  • CloudEndure replication servers now use t2.small.linux instances, reducing replication staging area compute costs by 41%. Further compute cost reductions can be achieved by leveraging AWS reserved instances.
  • CloudEndure replication servers now effectively use both EBS Cold HDD storage (sc1) and EBS throughput optimized HDD storage (st1), reducing replicated disk costs in the replication staging area by 50-75%.
  • Recently introduced EBS snapshot cost reduction by AWS makes it even more cost-effective, reducing snapshot costs used for point-in-time-recovery by 47%.

Custom Tagging

Set custom tags on any servers launched by CloudEndure as well as staging area resources, enabling automated resource management, integration with billing, and other internal tag-related processes.

Find Out More

To find out more about how CloudEndure can strengthen your organization’s IT resilience and to schedule a demo of the new platform, contact our disaster recovery and cloud migration experts.