Bezeq Telco Chooses CloudEndure to Power Its Newly Launched Disaster Recovery Service

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New, first-of-its-kind solution in Israel automatically recovers computing systems from server malfunctions without downtime or data loss.

Tel Aviv, Israel — December 22, 2017 — Bezeq, a leading Israeli telecommunications company, has launched the country’s first cloud-based disaster recovery service based on a local cloud. Utilizing the replication and recovery technology of CloudEndure, the cloud disaster recovery company, Bezeq now offers businesses an automated solution for rapid recovery from server malfunction and downtime.

Bezeq’s new disaster recovery service, powered by CloudEndure, works by continuously replicating and backing up existing computing systems into the Bezeq Cloud. In the event of a disaster, the service quickly provisions alternative servers in the Bezeq Cloud that function as replacements for the original servers until the problem is resolved. By utilizing this cloud technology, Bezeq can provide enterprise-grade disaster recovery to businesses of any size at the fraction of the cost of traditional disaster recovery solutions.

According to Yaki Zano, CTO and VP of Technology and Network at Bezeq, “Bezeq has entered the forefront of cloud computing solutions for businesses. Our latest innovative solution – the disaster recovery service – provides clients with the security and ease of mind that come with knowing that their company’s data is securely located and can be accessed immediately when needed. As with all Bezeq Cloud services, the disaster recovery service provides the most advanced, secure, and cost-effective technology in the marketplace.”

Unlike backup solutions that ensure only data integrity, Bezeq’s new disaster recovery service guarantees both data integrity and system availability. It therefore allows companies to continue their business operations without downtime or data loss, even in cases of critical malfunctions such as data center flooding, grave human errors, accidental data deletions, and cyberattacks.

Ofer Gadish, CEO of CloudEndure, explained, “After more than a year of collaboration, we are proud to launch a service that incorporates the benefits of both organizations and serves as an excellent solution for customers interested in ensuring business continuity and IT system integrity in any situation. The service is offered in Hebrew as an integral component of Bezeq’s business portal, and is extremely easy to use. Now customers can enjoy business continuity rather than settling for simple backup or expensive and complicated disaster recovery solutions.”

The new service utilizes CloudEndure’s Continuous Data Protection (CDP) technology, which replicates data in the background and does not affect users. The replicated data is secured and encrypted using AES256.

Organizations interested in learning more about the new cloud-based disaster recovery offering can contact Bezeq or CloudEndure.

About Bezeq
Bezeq is Israel’s leading telecommunications service provider. Established in 1984, the company has led Israel into the new era of communications, based on the most advanced technologies and services. Bezeq and its subsidiaries offer the full range of communications services including domestic, international and cellular phone services; broadband Internet and other data communications; satellite-based multi-channel TV; and corporate networks.

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