Cisco Cloud Center Selects CloudEndure for Its Cloud Migration Technology

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New York, NY — November 30, 2017 — CloudEndure has announced that its Live Migration solution was chosen by Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) to power Cisco CloudCenter’s new brownfield workload migration capabilities. With the integration of CloudEndure Live Migration into Cisco CloudCenter, customers are now able to conduct their entire migration project — from discovery and baseline performance evaluation to migration and validation — all within one management platform.

CloudEndure Live Migration provides application-agnostic migration from any physical, virtual, or cloud-based source to any target. By utilizing continuous block-level replication, one-minute image conversion, and automated orchestration technologies, CloudEndure expedites the migration process, minimizes cutover windows, and eliminates the potential for human errors and performance issues.

Cisco CloudCenter offers enterprises a secure management platform for multiple data center, private cloud, and public cloud environments. Users can evaluate current environments, receive recommendations for cost and performance optimization, migrate machines, and conduct post-migration performance evaluations.

Earlier today, Cisco’s Senior Director of the Cloud Platform & Solutions Group, Jeremy Oakey, presented CloudCenter’s expanded migration platform at AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas. According to Oakey, “We’re using CloudEndure as an actual lift-and-shift product.” As such, CloudEndure has to, “send the bits there and then convert it. It’s no longer a VM or OpenStack environment. . . The migration process is actually doing all that fix up, so it’s now a bootable working image within that new target. “

CloudEndure CEO Ofer Gadish said, “Cisco Cloud Center provides customers with an impressive, unified platform for the entire assessment, migration and optimization process. We’re honored that Cisco has chosen CloudEndure’s advanced replication technology, which enables continuous data replication and image conversion from any infrastructure to any infrastructure. This made us the perfect match for CloudCenter’s hybrid platform.”

Using CloudEndure Live Migration, Cisco CloudCenter also offers migration from the target environment back to the source without data loss or performance disruption.

More information about migrating machines using Cisco CloudCenter and CloudEndure Live Migration can be found in this Cisco tutorial or re:Invent presentation, or by contacting [email protected].

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