New Discovery, Single-Click Failback, Recovery Plans, and More

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CloudEndure announces new features and capabilities, including Discovery, Single-Click Failback, Recovery Plans, and more.

Expanded Discovery Features

In order to expedite project implementation, CloudEndure has expanded its infrastructure and application discovery capabilities, providing automated machine right-sizing and networking orchestration based on source CPU, RAM, and networking. CloudEndure also provides visibility into applications and processes running on replicated machines to help customers with inventory management. Read more

Single-Click Failback Now Available for VMware

Great news for VMware users! Once you’ve recovered from a disaster, you can now execute a mass failback to your source data center with a single click. This eliminates the need to point each machine to its respective failback source. Read more

Taking Recovery Plans to the Next Level

CloudEndure has made it even easier to launch application workloads automatically in your preferred sequence, further improving recovery time objectives (RTOs) and minimizing the risk of human error. Read more

Continuous Backup Advanced Capabilities

CloudEndure has expanded the capabilities of its newest product, Continuous Backup. It now features file-level restore through a global search catalog, enabling users to search and restore backed up files across their entire organization. Read more