Oracle Cloud Migration, Email Alerts, New Security Option, and More

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CloudEndure announces new features and capabilities, including low-cost disaster recovery product for non-critical workloads, Oracle Cloud migration, email alerts, and more.

New Disaster Recovery Product for Non-Critical Workloads
CloudEndure now offers a Tier-2 Disaster Recovery (DR) solution for protecting non-critical applications that can accept higher Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) at a lower cost. This solution complements our existing Tier-1 DR solution, which provides RPOs of seconds and RTOs of minutes. To learn more about the Tier-2 DR option, contact us here.

Built-In Email Alerts
Get email alerts triggered by events that may prevent you from meeting your migration and disaster recovery objectives. Such events include stalled replication, resumption of stalled replication, high RPOs, and more. Turn on email alerts from your account settings in the CloudEndure Console.

Migration to Oracle Cloud
CloudEndure now supports the migration of any application from any infrastructure (physical, virtual, and cloud-based) to Oracle Cloud. Look for us on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

Increased Replication Visibility
Sync Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) — Displays estimated time for achieving full synchronization.
Data Rescan — Displays progress of rescanning data on source machines (e.g. after a reboot) to determine how much new data needs to be replicated to target.
Backlog — Displays amount of new data accumulated on source machines and waiting to be replicated to target. This usually occurs following a network disconnection or congestion that prevents data from being synced immediately.

New Security Option for Deployment
You now have the option to use a unique token for CloudEndure agent installation rather than your Console administrator account. This new feature provides even stronger security by separating the task of agent installation from full Console administration.

New Replication Controls
It’s now possible to deploy CloudEndure agents without automatically starting the replication of data. This is useful for preparing agent deployment, networking, and pre-replication infrastructure in advance without starting the actual replication and impacting network usage.

Proxy for Replication Servers
CloudEndure now allows your replication servers within the staging area to communicate with the CloudEndure Console via proxy.

Support for New AWS and Google Regions
You can now migrate and recover your machines into the following new regions: AWS Europe (London), AWS Canada (Central), and GCP Northeastern Asia-Pacific Region in Tokyo, Japan.

Google XPN Support
CloudEndure now supports Google cross-project network capability (XPN). This allows both CloudEndure replication servers within the staging area, as well as your target servers, to be launched in XPN networks.