Granular Recovery, Replication Optimization, Partial Feedback, and More

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CloudEndure announces new features and capabilities, including the ability to manage all your migration and disaster recovery projects through a single CloudEndure account.

All Your Projects in One CloudEndure Account
You can now manage all of your migration and disaster recovery projects associated with different cloud accounts and replication settings through a single CloudEndure account. Check out our new “Projects” feature in the CloudEndure Console.

Granular Recovery Plan
You can now easily control which machines are booted and their boot order during a recovery event. Use this new feature to restore mission-critical applications first, enabling your business to resume operations immediately. For more information about how to implement granular recovery, contact our Support Team at [email protected].

Additional Replication Optimization Features
The following advanced replication capabilities allow you to optimize the data replication process for your specific IT environment: built-in network bandwidth throttling, utilization of multiple TCP connections, and pause/resume replication function. Schedule a demo to learn more about optimizing your data replication.

Seamless Partial Failback
Enjoy maximum control over your disaster recovery strategy with an even easier method for implementing failback for select machines without affecting your entire IT environment.

Support of Windows Server 2016
CloudEndure Disaster Recovery and CloudEndure Live Migration now support Windows Server 2016.

CloudEndure Disaster Recovery Available Directly From AWS SaaS Marketplace
AWS customers can now sign up for CloudEndure Disaster Recovery directly from AWS Marketplace, with two flexible payment options: annual SaaS Contracts or pay-as-you-go monthly SaaS Subscriptions. In addition, CloudEndure Live Migration has been fully integrated into AWS’s recently launched Migration Hub.

Expanded Support for Azure Migration and Disaster Recovery
CloudEndure now supports migration and disaster recovery into Azure for machines with up to 64 attached disks. CloudEndure also allows you to group your machines under Azure Storage Accounts, which means you can select different Azure storage tiers, such as Azure Premium Storage, for individual machines or machine groups. In addition, you can predefine the Network Security Groups for your target machines.

CloudEndure Supports Newly Launched VMware Cloud on AWS
Easily migrate your machines to the newly launched VMware Cloud on AWS with CloudEndure, ensuring no data loss, no downtime, and minimal cutover windows. Already on the new cloud? Use CloudEndure to implement disaster recovery into native AWS, Azure, GCP, or on-premise data centers.

Support of Windows Server 2003 R2
GCP customers with legacy enterprise workloads running on Windows Server 2003 R2 can now seamlessly migrate these machines and implement disaster recovery through CloudEndure, just as AWS and Azure customers are able to do.