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CloudEndure’s Cloud Workload Mobility technology provides cloud owners, integrators, service providers, and VARs with a single solution to address customer application workload mobility needs, solving common challenges such as cloud migration and disaster recovery.

CloudEndure is the only solution that allows moving or copying ANY application workload from ANY infrastructure to the cloud, without disruption to your running application, and without losing a second of recently updated data, once you decide to cut-over (in a migration scenario) or fail-over (in a disaster recovery scenario).

This is achieved by using patented block-level continuous (CDP) replication technology for all instances and volumes associated with your application.

In addition to the replication of the application’s data, CloudEndure’s Application Stack Transformation Engine will create a fully working replica of your original application configuration, including its data, network topology, security rules and other services, so that you are up and running in a few minutes, without manual configuration of your environment, and without a second of data loss.

Since replication is done at the block-level on any Windows or Linux based server, any applications or databases are transparently supported, and the replication engine ensures consistency of the data across multiple volumes.

Key Program Benefits

Accelerate revenues by migrating application workloads or consolidating data centers into the cloud, faster and without the headaches

CloudEndure’s technology does the heavy lifting of replicating the entire application workload and its application stack, consistently and using CDP, both to the cloud and within the cloud. Continuous replication ensures that the application continues to run normally and there’s no need to play post-migration “catch up” games. Painlessly migrate your customer’s data centers into the cloud.

Offer an on-premise to cloud disaster recovery solution

Reduce customer data center disaster recovery costs, and provide an OPEX-based cloud disaster recovery solution, while keeping the primary application workload running in the customer’s on-premise physical/virtual data center. At this point, CloudEndure maintains an up-to-date state of your application workload, in the cloud, and you have set the stage for seamless future migration to the cloud with a click of a button, instant cutover, and without data loss.

Instant enablement of additional post-migration in-cloud services

Once migration is complete, you can immediately activate an in-cloud disaster recovery solution. Address customer compliance, reduce costs by switching from CAPEX to OPEX, and provide disruptively aggressive near-zero RPOs and RTOs. Additional services which can be provided post-migration include cross-region application cloning, spinning up staging environments that are identical to the primary application, and easy modification to the current cloud environment configuration to support new cloud services.

Native support for any infrastructure

Support replication into the cloud from physical or virtual environments running any Windows or Linux operating systems.

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To learn more about the CloudEndure Partner Program, please email us at [email protected].

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